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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-2


    New features 
    ==== CL 13300 ====
    @NEW: add support for VRED In-App submission

    ==== CL 13263 ====
    @NEW: add support for a pyCmdrange-based VRED job

    ==== CL 13068 ====
    @NEW: Add SketchUp batch-render integration as an AppFinder job

    ==== CL 13323 ====
    @NEW: add ability for user to add up to 3 attribute-specific searchFilter
    widgets to job and worker views

    ==== CL 13325 ====
    @NEW: expose the "SimpleCmd Additional Paths" as both a command-line argument and an environment variable
    * QUBEGUI_SIMPLECMD_PATHS environment variable can contain multiple paths, separated with the OS-normal path separator
    * WV command-line argument "-simplecmdpath <dir>" can be supplied multiple times
    * use of --simplecmdpath will override the QUBEGUI_SIMPLECMD_PATHS environment variable
    * directories specified in the WV's user preference "Additional SimpleCmd Addtional Paths" are preserved, but searched last

    ==== CL 13257 ====
    @NEW: convert all C4D in-app submissions to using the new "--submitPkl"
    approach, avoid quoting issues encountered with "--submitDict"

    ==== CL 13287 ====
    @NEW: when using the --submitPkl option, the pickle file is deleted after it's
    loaded unless the --debug flag is also used

    ==== CL 13282 ====
    @NEW: path conversion applied during 'execute in local shell'
    @NEW: 'execute in local shell' supported in pyCmdline and pyCmdrange jobtypes

    ==== CL 13278 ====
    @NEW: instruct supervisor to re-read qb.conf for parameters that support
    re-read instead of a restart

    ==== CL 13065 ====
    @NEW: add a FloatRangeValidator class

    ==== CL 13408 ====
    @FIX: don't automatically set the job's requirements if using a 'kind' value

    ==== CL 13403 ====
    @FIX: VRED job defaults (notably VRED_executable) not being passed through to
    submission UI launched by web browser

    ==== CL 13399 ====
    @FIX: VRED in-app submission UI intermittently not opening on Windows, ensure
    that the job pickle file is always written in ASCII format

    ==== CL 13393 ====
    @FIX: use the job defaults if defined instead of the local AfterEffects version
    when submitting from inside AE

    ==== CL 13360 ====
    @FIX: support 'use all cores' for Maya LoadOnce mentalray renders

    ==== CL 13344 ====
    @FIX: mentalray for maya 2012 and later only supports 4 slaves

    ==== CL 13333 ====
    @FIX: job tag fields always show "unknown" in MetaJob view (pgrp list)

    ==== CL 13329 ====
    @FIX: SketchUp submission job name field not populated when submitted from
    inside SketchUp

    @FIX: filename of the rendered image is malformed when no '#' are used for
    padding in the image_basename, ended up with double-periods "..", image path
    was incorrect as well in WV's outputPath, preventing preview of the rendered

    @FIX: 'render directory' browser now opens in the same directory as the .skp model file.

    ==== CL 13327 ====
    @FIX: remove trailing space from WV's view of rendered image name

    ==== CL 13317 ====
    @FIX: Error: in calculateStatus - ValueError: list.index(x): x not in list

    ==== CL 13310 ====
    @FIX: duplicate menu module in simpleCmd addtionalPaths directory results in
    duplicate menu items rather than overriding the stock ones

    ==== CL 13291 ====
    @FIX: for some jobs, the modify dialog shows -1 for 'Frame Timeout' when it's
    actually set

    ==== CL 13282 ====
    @FIX: 'execute in local shell' fails due to paths wrapped in QB_CONVERT_PATH()

    ==== CL 13280 ====
    @FIX: display WV command-line options in a scrolled message dialog

    ==== CL 13273 ====
    @FIX: select the non-interpreted path to WV on OS X
    @FIX: set the qube_menu file to read-write after copy is complete

    ==== CL 13269 ====
    @FIX: printing "--help" message shouldn't entail try to contact the supervisor
    @COSMETIC: fix typo in help message for --serverthreads argument

    ==== CL 13071 ====
    @FIX: per-frame logs contain sections for all frames, not just the selected
    frame. Bug introduced in 6.6-2 release

    Changes in behavior 
    ==== CL 13360 ====
    @CHANGE: expose 'use all cores' widget in maya submission UI

    ==== CL 13344 ====
    @CHANGE: selecting mentalray DBR sets upper limit on job.cpus, sets instance
    count to max.

    ==== CL 13338 ====
    @CHANGE: hide generic 'specific thread count' controls when supervisor is
    running Designer licenses

    ==== CL 13278 ====
    @CHANGE: only restart a service if a changed configuration parameter affects
    it, don't restart unnecessarily

    ==== CL 13065 ====
    @CHANGE: IntRangeValidator "max" value is now optional