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    Qube Job Environment
    • Cwd: (Current Working Directory) Explicitly specify the current working directory where the Worker should start the process
    • Env vars: (Environment Variables) Explicitly set specific environment variables that should be used when running a job process on the Worker.
    • Impersonate User: Submit job as specified user. Default is current user. Format: <optionaldomain>\<username> (advanced – requires Impersonate user permission)
    Qube Output Parsing and Validation


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    Qube Output Parsing and Validation
    • Min File Size

      Used to test the created output file to ensure that it is at least the minimum size specified. Put in the minimum size for output files, in bytes. A zero (0) disables the test.

    • regex_highlights

      Used to add highlights into logs. Enter a regular expression that, if matched, will be highlighted in the information messages from stdout/stderr.

    • regex_errors

      : Regular expression for identifying fatal errors from stdout/stderr

      Used to catch errors that show up in stdout/stderr. For example, if you list "error: 2145" here and this string is present in the logs, the job will be marked as failed. This field comes pre-populated with expressions based on the application you are submitting from. You can add more to the list, one entry per line.

    • regex_outputPaths


      Regular expression for identifying outputPaths of images from stdout/stder.  This is useful for returning information to the Qube GUI so that the "Browse Ouput" right-mouse menu works.

    • regex_progress
      Regular expression for identifying in-frame/chunk progress from stdout/stderr. Used to identify strings for relaying the progress of frames.

    • regex_


      Maximum number of lines to store for regex matched patterns for stdout/stderr

      validate_fileMinSize: Minimum size for identified outputPaths (in bytes). [0 disables test]

      . Used to truncate the size of log files.

    Qube Actions
    • generateMovie: add
      Add linked job to generate movie from output images. It will launch a second submission dialog to convert the images to a movie. This addresses the common action chain of rendering images and then converting those images into a Quicktime or similar movie. Note: This function will only work on jobtypes that retrieve the output image filenames into Qube (Maya, 3dsMax, Softimage, AfterEffects, etc).


    Job Flags

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