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    Jobs can be submitted from WranglerView using the items under the Submit menu. Selecting one will launch a modal submission dialog with the standard framework and job-specific parameters. Specify the fields and then press the "Submit" button to submit the job to the Qube! Supervisor.

    Submissions for specific applications, such as Maya and Nuke, are explained in detail in their own section. Please refer to that documentation for submissions to individual applications. This page documents the complete set of parameters, which may not be needed or be exactly the same for individual applications.


    There is a common set of buttons located at the bottom of the Submission Dialog.

    • Set Defaults: Store as defaults in the User Preferences for that Jobtype, the values listed in the current submission dialog. The interface will use those values the next time the dialog is opened. This allows you to specify common fields like Priority or Executable that should always be the same value.
    • Clear Defaults: Remove any stored defaults for that Jobtype submission dialog
    • Expert Mode: Toggle button to display or hide export and non-default values from the submission dialog to reduce clutter when there are a lot of parameters. The current state of this toggle is stored in the Preferences Dialog.
    • Save [Disk Icon]: Store the current properties of the job from the dialog as a file (by default an XML file). This can be used to submit through the WranglerView at a later time with "Submit->File…" or from the command line with the qbsub command, or via the API.
    • Cancel: Cancel the job submission and close the dialog.
    • Submit: Submit the job with the specified parameters to the Qube! Supervisor.

    Basic Parameters

    Basic Parameters for all Jobs:


    • All the fields for either Cmdline or Cmdrange jobs (see above), plus
    • Cmd Template: String used to construct the command line along with the rest of the job parameters. Python string representations are used, e.g. %(val)s to represent the string value from "val". If listed, %(argv)s places all optional arguments at that location instead of at the end. This constructs a command line that is then used by the Cmdline or Cmdrange jobtypes on the Workers. See above for the string replace values for CmdRange.
    • Executable – path to the renderer or executable to run. Unless it is in the path on the Worker's environment, this needs to be set to an absolute path (to where the executable is located on the Worker)





    Qube Worker Selection

    Include Page

    Qube Advanced Job Control
    • Flags: List of submission flag strings (comma separated). See reference for full list of available flags and their meanings.
    • Dependency: Have job run after the completion or status change of another job or jobs. Can be set for per-job or per-frame for the dependencies. See Job Dependency Graph Panel for displaying dependencies. Valid Formats:
      • <jobid>
      • complete-job-<jobid>
      • link-<state>-<type>-<jobid>
      • info-<state>-{",[]}
        • special chars:
        • '*' means each frame
        • " (blank) means entire job
      • link-complete-job-529,  link-complete-work-430, info-complete-{'1':['540:3'], '':['600:'], '':['700']} , link-complete-job-300, 900, complete-job-123
      • info-<state>-{'':['123','456'], '':['345:'], '10':['346:2', 346:4']}
    • Email: Email the specified user on job completion.
    • Blocked: Submit the job, but do not put it in the Queue to execute.
    • Stderr->Stdout: Redirect and consolidate the job stderr stream to the stdout stream.
    • Job Label: Representative label used to help identify jobs within a specified Job Process Group
    • Job Kind:
    • Process Group: Explicitly set the Job Process Group for the job so it can be logically grouped with other jobs. By default the Process Group will be the same as the JobID.
    • Retry Frame Instance: Number of times to retry a failed subjob process.
    • Retry Work Delay: Time in seconds to wait before retrying a failed job. The default is 0, which is probably not useful - a delay of a few seconds may help with jobs that fail for transient reasons (eg, network slowness)
    • Subjob Timeout: Kill the subjob process if running for the specified time (in seconds). Value of -1 means disabled.
    • Frame Timeout: Kill the agenda/frame if running for the specified time (in seconds). Value of -1 means disabled.

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    Qube Job Environment
    • Cwd: (Current Working Directory) Explicitly specify the current working directory where the Worker should start the process
    • Env vars: (Environment Variables) Explicitly set specific environment variables that should be used when running a job process on the Worker.
    • Impersonate User: Submit job as specified user. Default is current user. Format: <optionaldomain>\<username> (advanced – requires Impersonate user permission)