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    Detailed Qube Parameters for all Jobs:

    Qube Worker Selection
    • Hosts: list of Workers that the job can run on.
    • Omit Hosts: list of Workers that the job is prevented from running on.
    • Groups: collection of Workers that the job can run on.
    • Cluster: Job will have priority to run on the Workers that are in this (Priority) Cluster. It does not restrict the Job from only running on the Workers in the Cluster, but just gives it a higher priority to run on them
    • Host Order: select how the Qube Supervisor will first pick which Workers to run the Job. For example, choose the fastest Workers first.
    • Requirements: Worker requirements needed to be met for job to run on that Worker (comma-separated, expression-based). This is often something used to limit the job to run on a certain OS.
    • Reservations: Worker resources to reserve when running job (comma-separated, expression-based)". This is commonly used to track license usage and only run on machines with certain amounts of free memory or use multiple process slots.
    • Restrictions: Restrict job to run only on specified clusters (logically OR'd together with "||") [+ means all below, * means at that level]"


    Include Page

    Qube Advanced Job Control
    • Flags: List of submission flag strings (comma separated). See reference for full list of available flags and their meanings.
    • Dependency: Have job run after the completion or status change of another job or jobs. Can be set for per-job or per-frame for the dependencies. See Job Dependency Graph Panel for displaying dependencies. Valid Formats:
      • <jobid>
      • complete-job-<jobid>
      • link-<state>-<type>-<jobid>
      • info-<state>-{",[]}
        • special chars:
        • '*' means each frame
        • " (blank) means entire job
      • link-complete-job-529,  link-complete-work-430, info-complete-{'1':['540:3'], '':['600:'], '':['700']} , link-complete-job-300, 900, complete-job-123
      • info-<state>-{'':['123','456'], '':['345:'], '10':['346:2', 346:4']}