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    This shows all the Workers that the Qube! Supervisor knows about, along with key information about each. As with other Qube! views, you can reorder the columns and and or subtract columns via Preferences. There are also a series of right-click menu options.

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    Right-Click Menu Actions

    • Refresh Update the selected Worker's information from the Supervisor.
    • Ping Ping the Worker to make sure it can be reached from the Supervisor.

    • Jobs View: Select Job(s) 
    • Jobs View: Select Instance

    • Running View: Filter Job(s)
    • Running View: Filter Hosts(s)

    • Lock Take the Worker and all of its process slots off the farm.
    • Unlock Put the Worker and all of its process slots on the farm.

    • Lock and Purge Jobs Locks the Worker(s) and purges the jobs that are currently on them.

    • Partially Unlock Selectively specify the number of process slots that the Worker has available to run on the farm.
    • Scheduled Locking Specify the weekly schedule to automatically take the Worker on and off the farm. Opens a UI that should be self-explanatory. You can group-select large areas of check-boxes and then right-mouse lock or unlock them.Image Removed
    • Windows Watchdog Unlocking... Use the Qube! Watchdog to automatically put a Worker on the farm when it becomes idle.

    • Remove Removes this Worker from the list of available machines. See this page for more details.

    • Configure on Supervisor If you are running the UI on the Supervisor, centrally modify the Worker's configuration on the Supervisor. It modifies the qbwrk.conf file that can also be edited by hand if desired. For details, see this page about the UI and this section on configuring the Worker(s)Image Removed


    Host Details Pane

    There are four tabs associated with this pane: Properties, Configuration, Resource Summary, and Banned Hosts. If the display is not wide enough, not all tabs will be visible at the same time. In that case, the little triangles at the top will indicate that there are more tabs to the right (or left). This is shown by filling in the right (or left) triangle with black. Click on the triangle to move along to the next set of tabs.