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    Version 7.5-0 also includes a new Python 3 API


    Updated Installer

    The Qube! Installer has been updated to version 4.0-3.

    You can see the list of updates to the installer included in 4.0-3 and download the latest version of Qube! on our website.

    The Data Relay Agent (DRA) & Metered Licensing Agent (MLA)

    The functionality of the Metered Licensing Agent (MLA) has been migrated into the Data Relay Agent (DRA) for Mac OS and Windows operating systems. This migration of functionality created the following two changes regarding the two agents:

    1. The MLA has been discontinued on Mac OS and Windows as it's no longer needed
    2. The DRA and System Metrics Collectors have been made available for the first time on Mac OS and Windows