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    Metered Licensing 

    The release of Qube 6.9 includes a new option for expanding your render capacity, Qube Metered Licensing. Metered Licensing lets you burst to as many resources as you need while always prioritizing your existing paid Qube! licenses. It's billed monthly in arrears by the minute at a rate of $0.10 per hour for the total minutes used in that month.

    Enable metered licensing for your site, set your own limits, and track your usage up to the last 15 minutes on our metered licensing portal at 

    Cross-cluster job priorities

    Now in Qube 6.9, a job can be set to have the same priority across all clusters.  Prior to this release, a job could only be highest priority in its own cluster, and had to accept running at a reduced priority in other clusters. 

    New environment variables exposed  during the execution of job instances and pre/postflights




    Authenticated SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) Support

    We've added SMTP Auth support over SSL and TLS connections.  This allows the supervisor to send mail through your ISP's email server, customers no longer have to have an in-house SMTP relay.

    New Supervisor and Worker startup parameter

    The Qube supervisor and worker now accept a --conf argument for specifying the location of the qb.conf configuration file.

    Updates to Application Support

    Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya 2017 Support