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  1. Transferring data from MySQL to PostgreSQL

    the supervisor and transferring the data is essentially a five-step process, and the order is critical: Stop all activities on the current farm Export data from MySQL to csv…
    QubeApr 14, 2020
  2. System-Wide Resource Tracking

    Qube! offers automatic resource tracking to monitor and control the farm's total usage of finite compute resources. For example, it may be used to track resources…
    QubeOct 28, 2015
  3. License Usage Data Collection and Reporting Setup

    Your supervisor's license usage must be tracked in order to utilize PipelineFX's Metered Licensing. In order for this to occur, a data collector must be installed…
    QubeSep 17, 2018
  4. Data Relay Agent Installation and Setup

    The Data Relay Agent (DRA) The DRA serves as a gateway between the collectors and the cloud-based metrics server. It can be installed either on the supervisor, on another…
    QubeOct 13, 2020
  5. Using the --type and --data with qbsub to submit a job

    Here's a normal command line sleep 1000 qbsub: qbsub sleep 1000 This is how you'd do it with the --data and --type: qbsub --type cmdline --data '(=(cmdline=sleep "1000…
    QubeOct 15, 2014
  6. How to set up a test farm separate from your production farm

    Its often prudent to test a new version of Qube against your production software prior to committing to upgrading your entire farm. Qube makes it easy to set up a "test…
    QubeOct 15, 2014
  7. How to move a MySQL data directory on linux

    location ensuring that you preserve ownership and permissions: cp -rP /usr/local/pfx/pgsql/data /newpath/pgsql/data Rename the current datadir so that it won't be found by mistake…
    QubeMay 23, 2018
  8. License requirements to render on a 3rd-party render farm like Qube

    must contact your MAXON reseller for confirmed pricing. Details All users of C4D have to buy C4D cmdline licenses to render on a 3rd-party (non-Maxon) farm. These licenses…
    QubeFeb 01, 2017
  9. Temporarily take hosts out of the farm.

    See Worker Removal.…
    QubeOct 15, 2014
  10. How to kill a job on a busy farm

    The time that it takes to kill jobs can largely depend on how big your job is (how many subjobs and frames there are), and also on the particular application. When a "qbkill" (or a "kill" on the gui) is issued, a message goes to the supervisor, which in…
    QubeOct 15, 2014