The Admin Layout allows Qube! Administrators to view and modify default user and user permissions for Qube! actions.

    A colon delimits between the user and groups. A full list of permissions are provided under the Permissions column, where the permission "all" denotes all basic user permissions.
    Icons are used to denote the following permissions:

    • yellow icon: a user or group with full basic user access.
    • red icon: a user or group with administrator access
    • white icon: a user or group with partial user access
    • grey/black icon: a user or group with no access

    A Qube! user with local Administrator permissions can manage users and groups by selecting a user name and using the right-mouse menu.

    Right-Click Menu Actions

    • Add User – Add a new user
    • Add User Group – Add a group under the specified user
    • Change Permissions – Change the permissions of the selected user or group.
    • Remove User/Group – Remove the selected user or group

    These groups are not related to user groups the operating system may use - they are specific to Qube!


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