This reference goes through all the items in the ArtistView UI and explains their uses and options. This is the UI with all tabs enabled:


    The numbered areas correspond to sections of the documentation:

    1. Main Menu - The standard menu. Main Menu details.
    2. Jobs/Workers Tabs - Switch Between Jobs Layout view and Workers Layout view. Jobs Layout details, and Workers Layout details. The Workers tab is not shown by default; you must enable it in Preferences.
    3. Filter & Search Bar - Use the Filter Bar to filter down the Job Layout to include only those jobs you are interested in. Filter & Search Bar details.
    4. Jobs Layout Pane - The most significant portion of the job control and monitoring workflow. Jobs that are displayed here can be filtered, sorted and selected. Jobs Layout details.
    5. Details Pane - This area shows various details of the job or its components, depending on the tab selected. Details Pane information.
    6. Frames/Instances Tabs - Examine the job or instance components in this pane. By switching tabs, you can examine a job's Frames (agenda items) or its Instances. The Instances tab is not shown by default; you must enable it in Preferences.
    7. Component Pane - This area shows information associated with the frames or instances associated with the job selected in the Jobs Layout Pane. Component Pane details.
    8. Title Bar - Shows the running version of ArtistView as well as the supervisor's version, hostname or IP address, and the number and type of licenses running on the supervisor.



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