The Job List Panel shows a column summary of the jobs submitted to the farm, jobs can be filtered using a tree-based system for meta jobs and their dependencies, and provides right-click actions to manage those jobs.


    Right click menu. The option you select operates on the currently highlighted job(s).

    1. Retry Job: Retries the selected job
    2. Shove Job: Tells the Supervisor to see if this job should be rescheduled
    3. Retry Failed Frames: Retries only the failed frames in the selected job
    4. Resubmit Job: Launches the submission menu for this job, with the current parameters filled in. You can then resubmit or change parameters first before resubmitting.
    5. Modify: Brings up the Job Modify dialog, and allows you to modify selected aspects of the jobThese changes will affect instances or frames that are dispatched after the modification is made.
    6. Block Job (+ Finish Current): Blocks job from continuing on the farm, but only after each instance finishes the frame it is working on.
    7. Block Job (+ Purge): Blocks job from continuing, and kills any current frames that are running and puts them back into a pending state so that another worker may pick them up. Any work done on those frames is discarded.
    8. Unblock Job: Removes block from job allowing it to continue on the farm 
    9. Kill Job: Kills the selected job
    10. Remove Job: Removes the selected job from the Qube! Supervisor database 
    11. A/B wipe in RV: Sends selected jobs output for review in RV 
    12. Filter jobs with this Pgrp: Adds a filter to the search window that will filter out all jobs that are not part of the same pgrp as the selection job(s). (New in 6.8)
    13. Browse Output Dir(s): opens a window browser to the selected jobs output or frames
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