This pane shows the frames that are part of the current job. The optional Instances tab shows the instances on a given Worker. The Instances tab must be enabled through Preferences - it is not shown by default.


    The Frames view offers these Right Click options

    1. Retry Frame: Retries the selected frame
    2. Block Frame: Blocks the selected frame
    3. Unblock Frame: Unblocks the selected frame
    4. Kill Frame: Kills the selected frame
    5. Complete Frame: Marks the selected frame as complete
    6. Open Log In External Editor: Opens the log file for the selected frame in an external text editor. Which one?
    7. Browse Output Dir(s): Opens a file browser on the directory where the frames are being written to

    The Instances view offers these Right Click Options

    1. Migrate: Kicks the instance, and the work it is doing, off the Worker and sets them back to Pending. Also sets a restriction on the job so that no other instance will be sent to that worker for a default timeout period (10 minutes).
    2. Unblock: Unblocks this instance. Instances can become blocked when all pending work for a job has been dispatched and only blocked jobs remain.
    3. Retry: Retries this instance. You would use this to change the state back to Pending from a terminal state such as Complete, Failed or Killed.
    4. Complete: Marks this instance as complete
    5. Block (+ Purge): Blocks this instance and kills the work that it is doing.



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